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Lista IPTV m3u – Apollo IPTV – Review & Installation Guide for Android, Firestick, Smart TV, and PC Update 2023

Lista IPTV m3u





Apollo IPTV is one of the trusted IPTV service providers with 9,000 premium TV channels. It covers TV channels from the US, UK, Canada, Latino, and other countries. With this provider, you will also get access to thousands of on-demand content, including the latest movies and TV shows. Additionally, you can live stream the latest sports events like the NFL, NBA, and more. Moreover, it offers a stand-alone APK to install its native player on Android devices. You can also use the external players to access this IPTV on other compatible devices.

Table of Contents

Key Features of Apollo IPTV

Offers EPG (TV guide) Supports Full HD quality
Provides regular and free updates Offers 4 concurrent streams
Supports TV catch-up feature Provides 24/7 technical support

Why Choose Apollo IPTV?

Apollo IPTV carries a variety of channels for a reasonable price, and that’s the main reason to pick it. It can be accessed on a variety of streaming devices, and you can avail of lots of stylish features that’ll bring a new dimension to your watching experience. Moreover, it has stable servers to let you access your favorite content seamlessly.

It is tough to come to a conclusion on whether Apollo IPTV is legal or not. That’s because of the distribution of copyrighted content by many IPTV providers. You are also prone to a lot of legal and device safety-related issues while streaming it. The best way to watch this IPTV peacefully without any complications is to set up a sturdy VPN like  ExpressVPN or NordVPN while accessing it. With a VPN, you can also unblock the geo-restrictions and stream the content that is not available in your region.


Apollo IPTV – Pricing

This IPTV offers subscription plans with the advantage of multiple connections, and their cost differs accordingly, as mentioned in the table here.

Plans Cost of
1 Device
Cost of
2 Devices
Cost of
3 Devices
Cost of
4 Devices
1 month $9.99 $15.99 $19.99 $23.99
3 months $25.99 $29.99 $45.99 $59.99
12 months $49.99 $59.99 $79.99 $79.99

Apollo IPTV – Subscription Process

To get any of the above-mentioned plans of the IPTV,

[1] Visit the official website of Apollo Internet Protocol TV and select the Pricing option on the Home page.

[2] On the next page, choose a suitable plan and click the Sign Up Now button below it.

Apollo IPTV plans

[3] On the Checkout page, enter your details, choose your device, and select the Proceed To Payment option.

Enter required details

[4] Follow the on-screen instructions in the upcoming pages and complete the payment process of the chosen plan.

[5] You’ll receive the necessary login credentials and the M3U URL of Apollo IPTV through the confirmation email after payment.

Apollo IPTV – Compatible Devices

This IPTV can be accessed on the below-listed streaming devices.

Compatible Devices of Apollo IPTV

How to Install Apollo IPTV on Android

You need to use the Apollo IPTV APK to install the app on Android Smartphones.

[1] Head to the Apps section on your Android Smartphone.

[2] Select Google Chrome → Info → Chrome Settings Install Unknown Apps Enable Allow from this source.

Enable Allow from this source

[3] Now, visit the official website of Apollo TV and click the App tab.

[4] Click the Download Now button to get the APK file.

[5] After downloading the APK file, open it and tap the Install button.

[6] Launch the app on your device after installation.

[7] Sign in using Apollo TV account details.

[8] Enjoy streaming the content of your wish on your Android Smartphone.

How to Stream Apollo IPTV on iPhone

It is possible to enjoy the IPTV content on your iPhone/iPad using the Shake TV IPTV Player.

[1] Open the App Store on your iPhone.

[2] Search for the Shake TV IPTV app.

[3] Select the app and tap the Get button on the App Store.

tap the Get button

[4] After installation, launch the app on your device.

[5] Within the Enter Playlist URL pop-up, type the M3U URL of Apollo IPTV and click OK.

Enter M3U URL of Apollo IPTV

[6] By doing so, you’ll get the channels and content of the IPTV. Select and watch anything of your choice.

How to Get Apollo IPTV on Firestick

You need to use the Downloader app to sideload the Apollo IPTV app on your Firestick device.

[1] Turn on your Firestick device and connect the internet to it.

[2] On the Home page, select the Search icon to type Downloader.

select the Search icon

[3] Click the Download button to get the app.

tap Download

[4] Now, go to the Firestick Settings screen and click My Fire TV.

click My Fire TV

[5] Select Developer Options Install Unknown Apps Turn on Downloader.

 Turn on Downloader

[6] Open Downloader to paste the Apollo IPTV APK in the URL box and click Go.

 Apollo IPTV APK

[7] Once the APK file is downloaded, open it and hit the Install button.

[8] Tap Open to launch the app after installation.

[9] Enter the Username and Password of Apollo IPTV to sign in.

[10] Now, start watching your favorite channels within the service.

How to Download Apollo IPTV on Smart TV

Here are the steps to install this IPTV app on your Android TV using a USB drive and a PC.

[1] Turn on your Smart TV and go to Settings.

[2] Select Device Preferences Security & restrictions → Enable Unknown sources.

Enable Unknown sources

[3] Open a web browser on your PC and download the Apollo TV APK from its official website.

[4] Copy the downloaded APK file to a USB drive and connect it to the USB port on your TV.

connect the USB drive to the USB port

[5] Go to the File Manager section and open the APK file.

[6] Click the Install button to get the app.

[7] Launch the app and sign in with your IPTV account details.

[8] Now, you are ready to access Apollo TV on your Smart TV.

How to Access Apollo IPTV on MAG

You can follow the steps here to stream this IPTV service on your MAG device.

[1] Select Settings System settings options.

Select Settings > System settings

[2] Select Servers on the next screen.

[3] Tap the Portals option and fill up the Portal 1 name and Portal 1 URL boxes with a name and M3U URL of Apollo TV.

Enter Portal name and M3U URL of Apollo IPTV

[4] Finally, click Save to restart your MAG box and load the IPTV content.

How to Stream Apollo IPTV on Windows PC & Mac

Download the VLC media player on your Windows/Mac PC from its website and install it. Then,

[1] Launch the VLC media player app and select the Media Open Network Stream.

Open Media > Open Network Stream

[2] You’ll reach the Network URL field. Enter the M3U file of Apollo IPTV in the required box.

[3] Click the Play button to add the playlist.

Play Apollo IPTV

[4] You can stream the playlist containing the IPTV on VLC Player now.

How to Stream Apollo IPTV on Enigma2

The below steps will guide you to stream the IPTV on your Enigma2 device.

[1] Open the Settings option.

[2] Then open Setup  System Network Devices  Setup Adapter options one by one and select Settings again.

[3] Note down the appearing MAC address and head to the official website of PuTTY.

[4] Download, install, and open the PuTTY software.

[5] Enter the noted IP address in the Host Name field.

[6] Choose Telnet  Open and type root in the login area of the PuTTY black screen.

Choose Telnet > Open options

[7] Click Enter, and you’ll reach the URL area.

[8] Enter the M3U URL of the IPTV and select Reboot > Enter options.

Your Enigma2 device will begin to restart, and when it turns on, you’ll have the IPTV’s channels on the screen.

Channel List

The following are some of the famous channels of Apollo IPTV.

Channel List of Apollo IPTV

Customer Assistance

You can contact their customer support team through email, online contact form, phone call, and also in person regarding any issues or queries related to the IPTV. Their contact details are available in the Contact section of their website. You’ll get a quick response within 2 business days if you haven’t approached them in person.

Our Verdict

All things considered, Apollo IPTV is a satisfactory buy, and there is nothing to hesitate on getting its subscription. Its price is reasonable, and its features are up to date. The customer service is responsive, and the streaming quality is also excellent. So unless numbers bother you, you can stick with Apollo IPTV. If you want more channels, then you should probably choose IPTV Tree, IPTV Soft, and Galaxy IPTV.


Is Apollo IPTV down?

No. Apollo IPTV isn’t down and is currently working as of September 11, 2023.

Does Apollo IPTV offer a free trial?

Yes. Apollo TV offers a 24-hour free trial for those new users and they can cancel the service with no commitments.

Can I get a money-back guarantee with Apollo IPTV?

Yes. Apollo TV offers a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Does Apollo IPTV support simultaneous streaming?

Yes. You can watch Apollo TV on upto 5 devices simultaneously.

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