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Lista IPTV m3u – Best IPTV Providers in Greece to Watch VOD & Live TV in 2023 Update 2023

Lista IPTV m3u





There are lots of IPTV services available in Greece, but choosing the best one among them is tricky. To help the Greeks and those who wish to stream Greek channels, we have picked up the twelve best IPTV services in Greece after analyzing every facet of them individually. These IPTVs are listed based on the number of channels, cost, connections, and other features. Look at them and choose the one that meets your budget and expectations.

Why Opting IPTV Over Cable/Satellite is Best?

The main reason to opt for IPTV over cable/satellite connection is its low cost. By choosing IPTV, you can save hundreds of dollars and also watch VOD content along with live TV channels. And your accessibility won’t be limited to just television. Also, you can bring a new dimension to your watching experience with the help of modish features offered by IPTV. Even streaming the same event on different devices simultaneously is possible.

What are the IPTV Compatible Devices?

We all know IPTV is accessible on a variety of streaming devices, and that is the reason why it is preferred. The IPTV-supported devices include Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Firestick, Roku, NVIDIA Shield, Samsung TV, LG TV, MAG box, Enigma 2, Kodi, Formular, etc.

List of Best IPTV Services in Greece

IPTV Name No. of
Basic Subscription Free Trial No. of Connections Website Link
IPTV Trends 19,000 $18.99 24 hours for $2.99 5 Click here
Daily IPTV 12,000 $17.99 NA 3 Click here
One IPTV 10,000 $11 NA 1 Click here
Relax IPTV 70,000 Free 1 Click here
BestBuyIPTV 20,000 $9.99 24 hours for $0.99 1 Click here
Sat2iptv 18,000 €7.99 12 hours 1 Click here
UniQue IPTV 16,000 €8 12 hours 1 Click here
Available IPTV 16,000 €12 12 hours 1 Click here
Checked IPTV 12,000 €9 24 hours 1 Click here
Live TV Global 10,500 10,500 NA 1 Click here
Helix IPTV 6,500 €9.5 NA 1 Click here
GTV IPTV 1,000 $19.99 3 days 4 Click here
IPTV Trends

IPTV Trends is a one-stop for unlimited fun with 56,000+ movies and TV shows that are trending and cults. Also, you can’t get 19,000 channels from 50 different nations in all existing genres. With EPG, you can pick out and watch your favorite Greek channels effortlessly. The VOD library is multilingual and comprised of highlights of famous sports events. You won’t miss any live events/shows as the IPTV functions 24/7. Within this IPTV, you’ll be wondering how lag-free streaming is possible, even in 4K quality. IPTV Trends is cross-platform supported and can be accessed on all major devices.

Popular Genres: Entertainment, Sports, News, Lifestyle, and more.

Compatible Devices: Android, iOS, Roku, Enigma2, Windows, Mac, Firestick, Smart TV, Kodi, MAG.

Payment Methods: Only credit/debit cards.

Key Features of IPTV Trends

  • 99% uptime
  • Supports 4K streaming
  • Regular server updates
  • Anti-Freezing technology

Subscription Plans

Plans Price for 1 Connection Price for 2 Connections Price for 3 Connections Price for 4 Connections Price for 5 Connections
1 Month $18.99 $28.99 $38.99 $58.99 $68.99
3 Months $50.99 $70.99 $80.99 $90.99 $100.99
6 Months $80.99 $100.99 $110.99 $120.99 $130.99
1 Year $150.99 $190.99 $210.99 $230.99 $250.99
Lifetime $500.00 $600.00 $800.00 $900.00 $950.00

Daily IPTV

Daily IPTV

Daily IPTV is an affordable IPTV service that provides 12,000 live TV channels. This IPTV delivers TV channels from most countries, including Greece. You will never experience buffering or freezing issues with this provider, as it has stable servers. In addition, Daily IPTV is compatible with external players with M3U support. Hence, you can easily access this IPTV on your device.

Popular Genres: Kids, Music, Movies, Series, Sports, and more.

Compatible Devices: Android, iOS devices, Smart TV, Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Kodi, Enigma2, and more.

Payment Methods: Accepts PayPal, Bitcoin, and Cryptocurrencies

Key Features of Daily IPTV

  • Supports HD and FHD streaming
  • Has servers with 99.95% uptime
  • Offers 48 hours moneyback guarantee
  • Gives 47/7 technical support

Subscription Plans

Subscription Plans Pricing for 1
Pricing for 2
Pricing for 3
1 month $17.99 $28.99 $38.99
3 months $38.99 $63.99 $82.99
6 months $62.99 $95.99 $131.99
12 months $98.99 $161.99 $219.99



One IPTV is another best IPTV service provider used to stream TV channels in Greece and other countries. This IPTV covers 10,000 TV channels and 40,000 video-on-demand content. The entertainment content provided by this service is available in different resolutions, including HD, FHD, and 4K. Further, this IPTV is compatible with all streaming devices and can be streamed using the best M3U player for IPTV. Moreover, this IPTV lets you access your favorite content seamlessly with its 99% uptime servers.

Popular Genres: Movies, Series, Kids, News, Sports, Action, Comedy, and more.

Compatible Devices: Android, Firestick, Windows PC, Mac, iOS, Enigma2, Smart TV, Nvidia Shield, LG TV, Samsung TV, Xbox, MAG, and Kodi.

Payment Methods: Accepts Bitcoin, Credit, and Debit Cards.

Key Features of One IPTV

  • Offers premium channels
  • Provides EPG TV Guides
  • Uses AntiFreeze technology
  • Has fast and stable servers

Subscription Plans

Subscription Plans Price
1 Month $11
3 Months $24
6 Months $35
12 Months $65

Relax IPTV

Relax IPTV is a unique inclusion in this listing of the best IPTV for Greece. It offers APK files for installation on supported devices. It is a magnificent IPTV provider with a huge on-demand library and 70,000 channels worldwide. The VOD library contents include content from platforms like Netflix and Hulu. Due to APK distribution, it is generally accessible only on Android-based devices. An astonishing fact about Relax IPTV is it is free of cost. Its content can be watched in HD on any of its supported streaming devices without any registration or spending a penny.

Popular Genres: Entertainment, Kids, News, Movies, Documentary, Sports, etc.

Compatible Devices: Android mobile & TV, Windows, Mac, and Firestick.

Key Features of Relax IPTV

  • Free & ad-free streaming
  • External media player support
  • Offers content from OTT platforms
  • Channels from 20 different countries are available



Here comes another content-heavy IPTV service with all the famous channels of Greece in a single place. With BestBuyIPTV‘s subscription, you can access 20,000 channels and 60,000 VOD collectively in FHD, HD & SD quality. You can have nonstop entertainment from all the premium channels without lag/stutter. The IPTV also has subscription plans with an extended duration, which indicates its reliability.

Popular Genres: Entertainment, Lifestyle, Movies, Sports, News, and more.

Compatible Devices: Android mobile & TV, Enigma2, Windows, Mac, MAG, LG TV, Kodi.

Payment Methods: Buy using credit and debit cards.

Key Features of BestBuyIPTV

  • 7-day Money back guarantee
  • Provides Electronic Program Guide
  • AntiFreeze technology
  • 24/7 nonstop streaming

Subscription Plans

Plans Subscription Cost
1 Month $9.99
3 Months $19.99
6 Months $29.99
12 Months $49.99



If you want the best streaming experience of 18,000 live channels and a vast VOD library in HD quality, then you have to pick Sat2iptv. This IPTV has sections in country names and a separate section for Greece with its top channels. Its VOD library has 20,000 movies and 50,000 series. The IPTV offers a variety of subscription plans at a very low price, taking its channels and VOD collection into account. They have been serving in the market for over 5 years, so that you can get even its yearly plan without hesitancy.

Popular Genres: Entertainment, Sports, News, Documentary, Lifestyle, etc.

Compatible Devices: iOS, Mac, Android, Windows, Roku, Samsung & LG TV, MAG, Firestick, Apple TV, Android TV.

Payment Methods: Accepts credit and debit card payments.

Key Features of Sat2iptv

  • High-speed servers
  • Daily channel updates
  • Huge channel and VOD collection
  • Offers trustworthy service for years

Subscription Plans

Plans Pricing
1 month €7.99
3 months €14.99
6 months €24.99
12 months €34.99



Unique IPTV is another provider used in nearly 60 countries, including Greece. It hosts international and native channels in all 60 countries, and its channel collection touches 16,000. But its VOD collection is way bigger, with 80,000 movies and TV shows in multiple languages. It supports bufferless streaming of channels and VOD in 4K, FULL HD, HD, and 3D content. The providers ensure 99.9% uptime with the high bandwidth servers.

Popular Genres: Entertainment, Movies, Sports, and more.

Compatible Devices: Android, mobile & TV, iOS, Firestick, Windows, Mac, Kodi, MAG.

Payment Methods: Payments can be made through Neteller and bitcoins.

Key Features of UniQue IPTV

  • Has 3D movies
  • AntiFreeze technology
  • Supports EPG (Electronic Program Guide)
  • Weekly updates for the channel & VOD library

Subscription Plans

Plans No. of
1 month 10,000 €8
3 months 10,000 €20
6 months 16,000 €34
12 months 16,000 €50

Available IPTV


Available IPTV is the last in the list of best IPTV for Greece, but not the least in terms of performance. It is an instantly functioning IPTV and activates within no time after a subscription. You can enjoy more than 16,000 channels in Full HD, HD, and SD quality. But the IPTV is capable of supporting 4K quality channels also. Let it be one-sided; you can get this IPTV just for its grand VOD section alone. Nearly, 80+ movies and TV shows are available on Available IPTV up to 8K quality. It was regarded as the best IPTV service in 2021, and you’ll also agree with the same if you try its 12-hour free trial once.

Popular Genres: Entertainment, Science, Documentary, Music, Sports, News, Movies.

Compatible Devices: Android, Linux, Windows, Mac, Firestick, Apple devices, Smart TV.

Payment Methods: PayPal and credit/debit cards.

Key Features of Available IPTV

  • 100% TV guide
  • 99.9% uptime
  • AntiFreeze technology
  • Supports 4K & 8K streaming
  • 365/24/7 customer assistance

Subscription Plans

Plans Pricing
1 month €12
3 months €25
6 months €42
12 months €65

Checked IPTV

Checked IPTV

Checked IPTV is an awesome service with 12,000+ live TV channels and VOD. The IPTV supports 4K UHD and even 8K streaming. You would be blown away if you take its 24-hour free trial and surf through its VOD section once. You’re provided with movies and series from all the premium streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV, and Prime Video, from which you can choose the required package. There isn’t the best IPTV for getting Greece channels at apex quality as Checked IPTV.

Popular Genres: Kids’ shows, Movies, Sports, News, Entertainment, and more.

Compatible Devices: iOS, Windows, Android, Apple TV, Firestick, Mac, Kodi, Linux.

Payment Methods: PayPal and credit/debit card payments are accepted.

Key Features of Checked IPTV

  • No freezing issues
  • 4K & 8K quality streaming
  • Anonymous payment option
  • Instant addition of new releases
  • Offers content from top streaming platforms

Subscription Plans

Plans Pricing
1 month €9
3 months €21
6 months €33
12 months €49

Live TV Global

Live TV Global

As its name indicates, Live TV Global is an apt choice for watching live TV channels globally. There are a total of 10,500 channels in a variety of genres and from different countries. These channels are available in multiple qualities like Full HD, HD, and SD. Apart from TV channels, you can also avail of a VOD library with 7,500 movies and series. The IPTV supports diverse streaming devices, and you can set it up instantly on them. Live TV Global’s channel arrangement is based on countries, making picking channels from Greece easier and having a good TV time.

Popular Genres: Entertainment, Cooking, Travel, E-commerce, Comedy, Movies, Lifestyle, Sports.

Compatible Devices: Android, iOS, Smart TV, Windows, Mac, MAG, LG & Samsung TV, Kodi, Firestick, etc.

Payment Methods: Accepts payments made through bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

Key Features of Live TV Global

  • Fast zapping
  • Instant activation
  • Offers EPG (TV Guide)
  • 99.99% uptime ensured

Subscription Plans

Plans Cost
6 months €35
12 months €50
24 months €85
36 months €120

Helix IPTV

Helix IPTV

Getting Helix IPTV is the best decision if you want super fast streaming of Greek channels without interruptions. Helix IPTV carries 6,500 channels within its service, along with movies and series that count nearly 14,000 in HD quality. You are ensured of getting all the premium channels and PPV events in any part of the world. But the highlight is you can get even the local channels of countries like the US, UK, Brazil, Canada, and more. The IPTV makes surfing between channels easy by arranging channels based on their genre. Moreover, you’ll definitely be impressed by its fast zapping.

Popular Genres: Sports, Documentary, Kids, Entertainment, General Entertainment, etc.

Compatible Devices: Android mobile & TV, Firestick, iOS, Windows, Mac, MAG, Enigma2, Samsung TV, Kodi.

Payment Methods: Buy through PayPal and Bitcoins.

Key Features of Helix IPTV

  • Offers EPG
  • It has 58 servers across the globe
  • There are over 500+ dedicated sports channels
  • PPV (pay-per-view) events included

Subscription Plans

Plans Money-back Guarantee Pricing
Monthly 7 days €9.5
Quarterly 15 days €25
Semi-annually 15 days €47
Annual 15 days €82



GTV IPTV is a holder of 1,000 live TV channels and 3,000 movies and TV shows. You may feel downhearted on seeing the number of channels and on-demand titles it offers. But genuinely saying it’s not always about numbers. However, it offers fewer channels compared to other IPTV services in its price segment, but its features and streaming quality are enough to tally. It doesn’t miss out on any primary channel in Greece; it is the same for all 40 countries where its service is available. GTV IPTV is filled with up-to-date features, and you can avail of subscription plans suitable for personal and family usage, varying on the number of connections.

Popular Genres: Movies, Entertainment, Sports, and more.

Compatible Devices: Android, Samsung TV, Firestick, Enigma2, LG TV, Android TV.

Payment Methods: Credit & Debit cards

Key Features of GTV IPTV

  • Has Favorites list
  • PVR recording facility
  • TV Guide (EPG) support
  • Catchup available for up to 7 days
  • Provides multi-language subtitles

Subscription Plans

Plans 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months 12 Months
GTV $19.99 $49.99 $79.99 $139.99
GTV Plus $32.99 $79.99 $129.99 $199.99

Family Package

Package Number No. of
1 2 $284.98
2 3 $369.97
3 4 $449.96
4 (Standard) 2 $229.98

Pay $89.99 to add a sub-device to the Family package.


Is a VPN setup required for accessing IPTV in Greece?

Yes. No matter where you are accessing IPTV, a VPN connection is a must to prevent legal complications and ensure data & device safety. So connect to strong VPNs like ExpressVPN & NordVPN while accessing IPTV in Greece.

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