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Lista IPTV m3u – Markky Streams Review & Installation Guide: Watch Sports and Events Live Update 2023

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If you are a sports enthusiast and looking for the best and most free platform to watch your favorite sports events, Markky Streams is the right option that you can opt for. This service delivers hundreds of matches and famous events like F1, MLB, MMA, NBA, NFL, NHL, and more. But it doesn’t offer an M3U file or a stand-alone APK to access this service on your device. As it is a streaming website, you can use the web browsers on your device to stream your favorite sports.

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Key Features of Markky Streams

Has Rewind and Replay option Allows downloading of content
Every game provides at least 3 different TV networks Accessible in the French language
Clean and User-friendly layout Completely free to use

Why Choose Markky Streams?

It offers sports like cricket, football, golf, hockey, and basketball. It lets you catch up on your favorite sports without spending a penny. Moreover, this IPTV service can be streamed worldwide with a stable internet connection on your streaming device.

How Safe is Markky Streams?

Since Markky Streams offers live sports from all over the world, there are chances for this service to deliver some content without an appropriate license. So, streaming content from these providers will create legal troubles for the users. To prevent tracking and ensure the privacy and security of the data, connect to the best VPNs, like ExpressVPN and NordVPN, on your streaming device while watching free IPTV services.

Pricing of Markky Streams

Markky Streams is a free platform. You can stream all the live sports and watch the highlights without any subscription with any internet connection. You don’t have to sign up within the platform to access its content.

Markky Streams Compatible Devices

This service is compatible with most streaming devices mentioned below.

Markky Streams- Accessible devices: Android & iOS Smartphones, Windows and Mac PC, Firestick, Smart TV, Samsung Smart TV and LG Smart TV

How to Stream Markky Streams on Android and iPhone

As Markky Streams lends its service as a website, it is accessible on both iPhone and Android mobile. To get it on your smartphones, follow the steps here.

1. Open any browser on your smartphone.

Search Markky Streams

2. Tap on the search bar and type Markky Streams.

3. Open the correct website link from the search result.

4. You can stream any sports you choose and enjoy streaming them.

How to Stream Markky Streams on Smart TV

You need a web browser to watch this service on your Smart TV. Follow the below steps to install a web browser and access this service.

Note: Try downloading any smart TV-compatible browser on your smart TV. If you are unable to download, then try the below method.

1. Turn on your Smart TV and connect it to the internet.

2. Open your PC and download the APK file of the Chrome browser from the official source.

3. Connect a USB drive and copy the downloaded APK to it.

4. Eject the USB and connect it to your Smart TV.

Connect USB to Smart TV

5. Copy the APK file to the TV’s file manager.

6. Go to the Settings menu.


7. Choose Device Preference Security & restrictions options.

8. Enable the Unknown sources option.

Unknown sources option

9. You can install the Google Chrome browser on your TV.

10. After installation, launch it and search for Markky Streams. Select the official website.

11. Choose and stream any video of your choice on the website.

How to Watch Markky Streams on LG Smart TV

Getting this service on LG TV is easy as it has an inbuilt browser.

1. Turn on your LG TV and connect it to the internet.

2. Hit the Home button on your remote.

3. Select the Apps tab.

4. Go to the built-in Browser of your LG Smart TV and launch it.

Select browser on LG TV

5. Navigate to the search bar and search for the website.

Search Markky Streams

6. Select and watch your favorite sports event or the highlights.

How to Watch Markky Streams on Samsung TV

You can watch this service using the Samsung TV’s browser with the steps below.

1. Turn on your Samsung Smart TV and connect it to the internet.

2. Press the Smart Hub button on your remote.

3. The Smart Hub menu will open.

4. Navigate and choose the Samsung Internet Browser there.

Open Browser on Samsung Smart TV

5. Navigate to the search box and search for the website.

Search Markky Streams

6. Choose the correct link and stream the major sports event live.

How to Watch Markky Streams on Windows and Mac PC

The service is available on Windows and Mac PCs.

1. Launch any browser on your Windows PC and Mac.

2. Search for the official website of this service.

3. Enter it and watch any sports of your choice.

Markky Streams website

How to Get Markky Streams on Firestick

You can use the Silk Browser to access it on your Firestick.

1. Connect your Firestick to the TV and go to its Home Page.

2. Click on the Search icon on the home screen.

3. Using the on-screen keyboard, search for Silk Browser.

Search Silk browser

4. Pick the Silk Browser from the search results and click on the Download button.

Amazon Silk- web browser

5. The Amazon Silk – Web Browser will install on your Fire TV Stick.

6. Once the app is installed, click the Open button and launch the app.

7. Choose the Search Bar from the home screen and enter the website link.

Search Markky Streams

8. Click Go to enjoy the sports events on the website.

Enter Markky Streams URL

Channel List

There are multiple channels available to watch for every event you select. Apart from the huge library of sports channels, news channels are also there; some popular channels are listed below.

Channel List of Markky Streams

Customer Support

This service provides customer support through email. You can find the email address on its official website. So you can contact them in case of any queries. Alternatively, if you face difficulty accessing it or the content fails to load, try to troubleshoot or change your browser or device to stream it.

Our Review

Markky Streams is an outstanding site that will help you find all the popular games in one place. Never miss all the leagues like regular, finals, season, summer, and championship of your favorite sports. In short, it is a great go if you are a sports lover. Some other popular IPTV services to watch live sports are Live NetTV, Beast IPTV, and Honey Bee IPTV.


1. Is Markky Streams down?

No, Markky Streams is currently working. So you can stream your favorite sports.

2. Can I access Markky Streams on multiple devices simultaneously?

As no sign-in is available, you can access Markky Streams on multiple devices supporting a browser.

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