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Lista IPTV m3u – Eva IpTv Review: Installation Guide for Android, PC, and Firestick Update 2023

Lista IPTV m3u





Website Link Not Available
Download Link
Supported Devices Android smartphone, Windows PC, Mac, Firestick & Android Smart TV
Compatible Playlist M3U
External Player Support Yes
Favorites List No
Customer Assistance Yes
Base Price Free

Eva IpTv is a free media player that is used to access IPTV channels of different IPTV service providers and VOD content. It is compatible with M3U files. So, you can easily access any IPTV playlist through this player on its supported devices. The IPTV player is officially available on the Google Play Store. Thus, users can easily install this app on their Android-based devices. Unfortunately, The IPTV app is not compatible with iOS devices like iPhones and iPads.

Key Features

It has a user-friendly interface Supports multiple playlists
Provides HD streaming Compatible with external players like
Exo player, MX player, and VLC player
Supports multiple languages Runs 4 screens at the same time

Why Choose Eva IpTv?

Eval IpTv lets users add multiple playlists at the same time to access more content. Its easy-to-use interface helps users to navigate within the app easily. With this IPTV player, you can access all types of IPTV content on your device, including live TV and videos on demand.

Is Eva IpTv Safe to Use?

Yes, the player completely issues free.


As mentioned previously, Eva IpTv is completely free to install and use on Android-based devices. No registration or subscription is required to access this media player on your streaming device.

Compatible Devices of Eva IpTv

Eva IpTv can be installed on its supported devices mentioned below.

Supported Devices of Eva IpTv

How to Install Eva IpTv on Android Mobile

The Eva IpTv app is officially available on the Google Play Store. You can install the app directly on your Android smartphone or tablet.

1. Open the Google Play Store app on your Android device.

2. Tap the Search bar and enter Eva IpTv.

3. From the search results, select the app and tap the Install button on the Play Store.

Tap the Install button

4. Once the installation is over, click Open to launch the IPTV player.

5. Now, add the playlist using the M3U URL and enjoy streaming IPTV content on your Android device.

How to Get Eva IpTv on Firestick

Since the Eva IpTv app is unavailable on the Amazon App Store, you need to sideload it using the Downloader app on your Firestick device. Before that, you have to download the MOD APK file from a reliable website. After downloading, follow the upcoming methodology.

1. Set up your Firestick device and locate the home screen by pressing the Home button on your remote control.

2. Choose the Find option and tap the Search tile.

3. Enter Downloader in the search bar and search for it.

4. Pick the app and tap the Download button.

Tap the Download button

5. Navigate to Firestick Settings and select the My Fire TV tile.

Select the My Fire TV tile

6. Tap Developer OptionsInstall Unknown Apps and turn on Downloader to install the third-party apps on Firestick.

Turn on Downloader to install Eva IpTv

7. Now, open Downloader and click on the Home tab on the left pane.

8. Enter the URL link of Eva IpTv APK [] in the given field.

Enter the URL link of Eva IpTv APK

9. Tap Go to download the APK file.

10. Open the APK file and tap the Install button.

11. Once the app is installed, click on Open to launch the app.

12. Add the IPTV playlist to the Eva player and access your desired content on your Firestick.

How to Download Eva IpTv on Windows and Mac PC

You can use the BlueStacks emulator to install the Eva IpTv app on your Windows and Mac PCs. The following steps will guide you on how to do it.

1. Open a web browser on your PC and visit the official website of BlueStacks.

2. Download and install the emulator file on your PC.

3. Then open the BlueStacks emulator and sign in using your Google Account.

4. Navigate to the Google Play Store and search for the Eva IpTv app.

Sign in using your Google Account.

5. Select the app and click the Install button to download it.

6. After installation, launch the app and integrate the playlist of your service provider.

7. Select and watch live TV channels on your PC.

How to Install Eva IpTv on Smart TV

Do follow the steps here to install the Eva IpTv app on your Android TV from the Play Store.

1. Power on your Smart TV and ensure it is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

2. Open the Play Store app on your TV.

 Open the Play Store on your TV

3. Search for the Eva IpTv app and pick the official app from the search results.

4. Tap the Install button to get the app.

5. Once the app is installed, click Open to launch it.

6. Add the M3U URL you received from the service provider.

7. Now, you are ready to stream the content of your wish on your Smart TV.

How to Access IPTV Using Eva IpTv

After installing the IPTV player app on your device, you can follow the steps here to add your IPTV playlist and watch its content.

1. Open the Eva IpTv app on your device.

2. Tap the + icon at the top of the screen.

 Tap the + icon

3. Next, hit the ADD URL button.

Hit the ADD URL button

4. Provide the URL of the playlist in the given field and hit the OK button.

5. Once the playlist is loaded, you can select the content of your wish.

6. If you wish to stream the content using external players, press and hold the content.

7. Choose a player from the menu that appears on the screen.

Choose a media player on Eva IpTv

8. The video content will begin playing with the external player that you selected.

Customer Support

Since this is a free media player, we couldn’t expect effective customer support from the developer team. Still, users can contact the developer team via email and ping their queries. While sending an email, make sure to use the email address that is associated with your account to get replied from the team as soon as possible.

Alternatives to Eva IpTv

You can use the IPTV players mentioned here as alternatives to the Eva player.

Perfect Player

Perfect Player- Eva IpTv

Perfect Player is a free IPTV player for streaming live TV channels and VOD from different IPTV services. It supports multiple playlist formats like M3U, XC, and XSPF. Users can access a channel along with a second channel on a small window using this player’s PiP feature. Additionally, it allows users to access the local files from the SD card and USB drive. This IPTV player app can be installed on Android-powered devices using its APK file.

Flix IPTV Player


Flix IPTV Player is a simple and easy-to-use IPTV player compatible with M3U and M3U8 playlists. It allows users to switch between different languages and enable subtitles. Since it’s a premium IPTV player, you need to make a basic payment of $15, which also gives access to content. It also offers a 7-day money-back guarantee for the user. The Flix IPTV Player app can be installed on Android-powered devices using its APK file.



With GSE Smart IPTV, users can add multiple playlists using M3U URLs and Xtream Codes API. It supports the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) to let users track their favorite shows easily. You can install the app directly from the reputed app stores. This IPTV provides ad-supported service for free. To get an ad-free streaming experience, you need to sign up for its Pro version.


Does Eva IpTv contain ads?

Yes. Eva IpTV carries advertisements within it.

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