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Lista IPTV m3u – Global IPTV: Review & Installation Guide to Watch 270+ Live TV Channels and VOD Contents Update 2023

Lista IPTV m3u





No. of Channels 270
On-demand Collection Yes
Streaming Quality HD
No. of Connections 1
Customer Support Phone & Email
Basic Price $20
Formats Offered App & Set-Top Box
Status Working

Global IPTV is a noteworthy service provider with popular Bulgarian TV channels and International on-demand videos. It also provides more than 270 TV channels under categories like TV shows, movies, live channels, news, sports, kid’s shows, and radio. However, you need a subscription plan and the Set-Top Box to watch the content on your TV, and you can also stream on other portable devices.

Key Feature

Supports excellent picture quality Offers stable streaming
Affordable pricing plans Instant account activation
Gives customer support VPN-friendly service

Why Choose Global IPTV?

Global IPTV has servers on all continents to provide a buffer-free streaming experience. It also supports the very matrix and secure media DRM feature. Moreover, Global IPTV is accessible all over the world without any restrictions. If you are not satisfied with this service, you can cancel the subscription at any time and get your money back.

No, Global IPTV is not a legal service.


Global IPTV has subscription plans, which you can stream with the set-top box and the Global IPTV app installed on your device. The types of subscriptions are given below.

Plans Pricing
1 Month €12.00
3 Month €36.00
6 Month €60.00
12 Month €120.00

Subscription Process

1. Visit the Global IPTV official website and click the Subscriptions menu from the top menu bar.

Global IPTV website

2. Under the Subscriptions page, you will find the number of plans.

Global IPTV subscription plans
Global IPTV subscription plans

3. Select the preferred plan, and click the button ADD TO CART.

Add to cart option.

4. Now, click the cart icon on the top right corner of the webpage, then click the CONFIRM AND PAY button and process the payment by following the on-screen instructions.

Global IPTV

5. you will receive a confirmation email to the given email ID with username, password, and M3U link.

Compatible Device of Global IPTV

There is an official app on the Play Store, and for other devices, use an APK file to install the app. However, you can stream this IPTV on your TV using the set-top box option. The compatible device is mentioned below.

Compatible Device of Global IPTV

How to Install Global IPTV on Android Mobile

1. Select the Play Store app on your Android device, like a Phone or Tablet.

2. Search for the Global IPTV app and select the official app from the suggested list.

3. Click the Install button to download the app from the Play Store.

Global IPTV play store app

4. Now, open the app on your device and enter the username and password given by the IPTV provider.

How to Download Global IPTV on Windows PC & Mac

1. First, visit the BlueStacks emulator official website to download the BlueStacks Android emulator.

2. Install the BlueStacks app on your device and sign in with your Google Account.

Bluestacks sign in page

3. Once the sign is done, open the Play Store.

Launch the Google Play Store

4. Here, look for the Global IPTV app and install it on the BlueStacks emulator.

5. Open the app and enter the username and password to stream your favorite content.

How to Install Global IPTV on Smart TV

1. Open the Play Store on your Android Smart TV and search for the Global IPTV app.

Open the Play Store

2. Select the app and hit the Install button.

3. After installation, open the app and log in to your account.

4. Once done, stream the IPTV content on your Android Smart TV.

How to Get Global IPTV on Firestick

Firestick is best known as a portable online streaming device. However, you can install IPTV apps and stream more content with them. To install the apps, follow the given steps.

1. Launch the Firestick on your TV and select the Search icon.

2. Here, search for the Downloader app, select the app, and click the Download icon to install the app on your Firestick.

Download Downloader

3. Select the Settings icon on the homepage and open the My Fire TV Developer options option.

Select My Fire TV

4. Under the Install Unknown Apps option, enable the Downloader app.

enable the downloader app on Firestick

5. Open the Downloader app and enter the Global IPTV APK [] file. Then, click the Go button to search for the file.

Enter Global IPTV Apk

6. Click the Download button, which appears to get the APK file.

7. Select the downloaded APK file and install it on your Firestick.

8. Now, open the app and enter the username and password to sign in.

9. Enjoy your favorite content on your Firestick.

How to Install Global IPTV Set-Top Box

Global IPTV provides the MAG250 or 254 Set-Top Box. This box supports 1080p Digital channels, allowing users to stream IPTV content in HD resolution. It can also be controlled from a phone or tablet by installing the MAGic remote app for Android and iOS devices.

To install the MAG set-top box, you don’t need a technician you can do it yourself or visit the Global IPTV official website for technical support. To install the MAG set-top box, follow the given steps.

1. Use the UTP Patch Cable to connect the MAG250 / 254 set-top box with your internet router.

2. Now, Using the HDMI cable, connect the MAG250 / 254 set-top box to your TV. Also, you can use an AV cable (Red, white, yellow) to connect as per the TV input specification.

3. Connect the power adopter and turn on the MAG250 / 254 set-top box.

4. Give the set-top box time to load the system. Once it’s turned on, you can enjoy streaming the channels.

Subscription plans for Set-Top Box

There are two Strater Package subscription plans available to buy the settop box from the Global IPTV official website. The plans are given below.

Validity Pricing
6 Months channels Subscription
Set-top Box (lifetime)
12 Months channels Subscription
Set-top Box (lifetime)

Specifications of Set-Top Box

Many other features are available, like the compact design and remote control function. In addition, you can manage your MAG settop box using your daily devices,

Specification Name Specification Value
Processor STi7105 / STiH207
Memory 256/512 MB
Flash Memory 256 MB
Operating System Linux 2.6.23
External Interfaces S / PDIF audio output, HDMI 1.3 (rear), USB 2.0 (1 front and 1 rear), Composite + Stereo A / V output, Ethernet, 100Mbps 5V (rear), LED -display (front panel)
Sources of media content External hard drive (USB), USB devices (USB flash drive, USB card reader, etc.), PC and NAS in local area network (SMB, NFS, UPnP, HTTP) /RTP), and Video streaming services are fully supported.
The Web browser WebKit
DRM option Verimatrix, Secure Media
Video modes 1080i. 1080p, 720p, 576p, 480, PAL, NTSC
Video codecs MPEG1 / 2 MP @ HL, H.264 HP @ level 4.1, MPEG part 2 (ASP), WMV-9 (optional), VC1 video, XviD; HD video support (up to 40 Mbit / s and above)
Video formats MKV, MPEG, MP4, AVI, MOV, MP4, ASF, QT, WMV (optional)
Audio codecs MPEG-2 AAC (optional), MPEG-4 AAC LC 2-ch / 5.1 ch (optional) MPEG-4 AAC + SBR 2-h / 5.1 ch (optional), Dolby Digital
Audio formats MP3, MPA, M4A, WMA (optional), Ogg, WAV, AC3, AAC
Image formats JPEG, PNG, BMP, and RAW
Subtitles DVB, SRT, built-in text
Playlist formats M3U
File systems FAT16 / 32, NTFS (read), NFS, Ext3
Ethernet 10/100 Mbit / s

Channels List

Some of the popular channels offered by this provider are listed here.

Channels List of Global IPTV

Customer Support

Global IPTV provides excellent customer support for inquiries, troubleshooting, issuing reports, and resolving confusion regarding subscription plans. You can reach them via Phone, Viper, Email, and Skype. You can also write a short message and send it using the Contact Us form.


What are the best alternatives to Global IPTV?

Bird IPTV, Elite TV IPTV, and Gorilla IPTV are the best alternatives to this service.

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