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Lista IPTV m3u – Supreme TV IPTV – Guide to Watch 15,000 Live Channels & VOD in HD Update 2023

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Supreme TV IPTV has been a renowned IPTV provider over time, with global users. The IPTV hosts over 15,0000 live TV channels of different categories in High-definition quality. An ample collection of VOD content is also available with popular movies of multiple languages and various genres. The main highlight of Supreme IPTV is all its channels are categorized neatly based on their country and genre. It will save your surfing time and helps to find any desired channel easily.

Key Features of Supreme TV IPTV

Offers an Electronic Program Guide (EPG) It has a Favorites & Recent Search section
Catch-up facility Allows adding an external media player
Offers extra connections for any plan Supports all IPTV players

Why Choose IPTV Services?

IPTV services are recently sought after worldwide and have started replacing cable & satellite services. The main reason is they are available in different price ranges. So, you can choose plans according to your necessity and are comparatively at a lower price than the latter. Also, they don’t restrict their accessibility to TVs alone. They are portable and support a different variety of devices like smartphones, computers, etc. Some IPTVs even offer simultaneous streams and multiple connections for a single price which has highly impressed today’s generation and made it a primary choice for watching TV and VOD content.

Are IPTV Services Safe?

Most IPTV services offer copyrighted content to users. Streaming such content will lead to ISP blocking, royalty issues, and government actions. As operated with the internet, there are higher risks for you to face device hacking, data theft, and tracking. So all IPTVs are not safe. But you can escape all the mentioned issues with the help of a VPN. So set up strong VPNs like ExpressVPN and NordVPN before using IPTV services like Supreme TV IPTV.

Subscription Plans of Supreme TV IPTV

The IPTV provider offers four plans for a subscription. They are of different duration, and their price differs accordingly. But the channel and features offered don’t vary for each plan.

Plan Pricing
1 month €15
3 months €30
6 months €55
12 months €85

How to Subscribe to Supreme TV IPTV

To subscribe to Supreme TV IPTV’s plan,

[1] Visit the official website of Supreme TV IPTV.

[2] On the Home page, select the Packages tab at the top.

[3] Available plans will appear on the screen.

Supreme TV IPTV plans

[4] Choose any plan and click the Buy Now button below it.

[5] In the upcoming pages, fill up your personal and payment source details and complete the payment process by following the on-screen instructions.

Note: Payments can be made through Bitcoin & PayPal.

[6] When you finish paying for the selected plan, you’ll receive the login details of Supreme TV IPTV along with its M3U URL.

Supreme TV IPTV – Supported Devices

The following are the devices in which Supreme TV IPTV can be accessed using its M3U URL.

Supreme TV IPTV- Supported Devices: Android, iOS, Firestick, Smart TV, Windows, Mac

How to Access Supreme TV IPTV on Android & iOS

We need an IPTV player to load Supreme TV IPTV’s M3U URL and stream its channels and content. So here we shall use the Supa Legacy IPTV player on both iOS & Android devices and access the IPTV. To do so,

[1] Open the Play Store application on your Android or App Store on your iOS device.

[2] Then search for Supa legacy IPTV player using the Search bar and locate the app.

[3] Then tap the Install button on Android and the Get button on iOS to install the IPTV player on the respective devices.

[4] After downloading, click Open and launch the app.

[5] Within the app, click the Activate Mac Address button.

Activate Mac Address

[6] In the appearing pop-up, enter the Mac address of your device and the Email address & M3U URL in the respective boxes.

Activate Supreme TV IPTV

[7] Finally, click Activate button to load and access any channel you’d like to watch within the IPTV playlist.

How to Watch Supreme TV IPTV on Smart TV

Like Smartphones, we can download an IPTV player to watch Supreme TV IPTV on Smart TVs by following the below methodology.

[1] Connect the internet to your Smart TV and open the Google Play Store app.

[2] Search for the Purple Player IPTV app or click here and download the app by clicking the Install button.

[3] Then open the Purple IPTV player app and choose Load M3U from URL.

Load M3U from URL

[4] Then login with Supreme TV IPTV credentials and start enjoying the content of the IPTV on bigger screens.

How to Stream Supreme TV IPTV on PCs

Streaming IPTV is possible with a VLC media player. A good thing is VLC is installable on Mac devices. To stream the IPTV with it,

[1] Download the VLC media player file from its official website and install it.

[2] Then launch it and select the Media tab on its Home page.


[3] Scroll down and select the Open Network Stream to reach the Network URL field.

Network URL Field

[4] Then enter the URL of Supreme TV IPTV in the URL box and click the Play button below.

Play Supreme TV IPTV

[5] Now, the playlist of the IPTV will load. Enter it and choose any category of the channel you ought to watch on your PC.

How to Access Supreme TV IPTV on Firestick

Let’s download an IPTV player on Firestick from its official app store, Amazon App Store. The process involves the following steps.

[1] On Firestick’s Home, select the Search icon and type All IPTV Player.

Firestick Search icon

[2] Once located in the search results, click Download and install the app on Firestick.

[3] Then launch the IPTV player app and enter your login details, such as the Username and Password of your IPTV.

Stream Supreme TV IPTV

[4] Finally, click Add User and start streaming the IPTV’s content.

Channel List

The following are the popular ones among the 15,000+ channels of this IPTV.

Supreme TV IPTV- Channel List: CNBC, Cheddar, Sky Sport, Fox Business, USA Network & The Weather Channel HD.

Customer Support

Supreme TV IPTV offers customer support through Telegram chat. Click the Contact Us tab on their website. There you can find their Telegram Chat link. If you face any issues while using the IPTV or have any doubts, then contact them through this to get quick support. If there is any delay in response, then try basic troubleshooting yourself or try streaming on another streaming device.

Our Verdict

Supreme TV IPTV can be branded as a quality IPTV service. The channel and content offering is reasonable for the price it charges, and their quality is also first-class. Their customer support is also amenable. Moreover, it supports diverse streaming devices and IPTV players. So, there’s nothing much to think of getting this IPTV. There are similar best IPTVs available which deserve your look once, such as OK2 IPTV, DMTN IPTV, and Strong IPTV.

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